Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thesis Demo

The demo went quite well. The examiner grilled me for 45 minutes, but I had an answer for everything. You will too if you wrote an 85 page thesis (excluding appendix). I think I demoed to about 20 public visitor. All of them said it was quite good (but I'm sure they said that to everyone). But a couple of the visitors really appreciated my product.

Basically what my thesis did was implement a metric monitoring and reporting platform. You can use it to records metrics from different points and then the application will allow you to do whatever you want with the data. The project is actually implemented in the largest bank in the state where the data is hooked into Cognos for balanced scorecarding and other business intelligence thingies. At the bank, what used to take 2 days to perform now takes less than 5 minutes with my product.

The people who appreciated my product were mostly managers who frquently has to collect and analyze data for monitroing and reporting. When they saw what my product, they started grilling me on how it was implemented and the nuts and gritty. One guy even asked if I wanted to commercialize the product. I wasn't since the bank had sponsered me on the project and they were clear from the beginning that they would own the code. Well, the actual reason I don't want to commercialize my product is because there is nothing innovative about it. It basically leveraged existing product to create a new product. Anyone can do it in 6 months (which is how long it took me). Now, after learning from my mistakes, I can make a better one. But I'm still not keen on commercializing it. If I do and it is successful, they I know compititors will spring up on less than 6 months, since they can work on it full time (I worked on it part-time while I had a full load at uni and also working). Hell, with Cognos's resources, they can probably do it in 2 weeks.

So, yup, no commercial product from me. I wish I had asked the bank to pay me for it. I can't believe I did it for free just so I can write a good thesis. Another of life's lesson.
No more free lunch.

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