Thursday, December 29, 2005

Air Conditioner

I finally gave in to the heat and bought an AC. God, I had forgotten how good it felt to sleep in a cool room. Last I slept in it was in Dubai back in 2004.

I even feel more productive. I wrote 2 algorithms in the last 2 hours. More about my latest misadventure later (I am writing my own grid technology framework... one that really works).

I also made some progress on cracking the RSA Factorization Challenge. I just need more processing power (which is what led to the grid technology framework)

Back to the Air Conditioner... I noticed the Australian way of defining AC is horse power(HP). Back in my days, it was Ton in Dubai and BTU in US. I know what Ton means. If you have 1 Ton AC, it means your AC will have the same cooling power of a 1 ton melting ice cude in 24 hours. Back in Dubai, my bedroom had a 2 Ton AC. (You need that kind of cooling power when you live in the desert).

I've no idea what BTU or HP means, so I googled it and here's the scoop. 12000 BTU = 1 Ton. But HP is completely different. HP refers to the input power the AC. Meaning its the horse power of the refrigeretion unit's compressor motor.

So HP refers to the input of the AC and Ton/BTU refers to the output. You can't convert between HP and Ton/BTU. HP in itself is not comparable because your room AC and your fridge may both be rated 1 HP, but they don't have the same cooling effect. Leave it to people down under to be so naive.

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