Saturday, July 01, 2006

Crappy Free Apple Quicktime Movie Player

I just reformatted my laptop and reinstalled all my software. This is a ritual I perform after every semester (meaning twice a year). It lets me purge all the crap I installed during the semester in order to work on assignments. And also have the latest updates to all software. However, todays ones didn't go smoothly. Apple's to blame.

Apple just released a new version of Quicktime 7.1 for iTunes. The new update doesn't work with Windows 2003 R2. The error message during installation is
Error in Installation (QT error -3). It breaks iTunes and all other software dependant upon it such as Adobe AfterEffect.

Yeah, nothing like having something $2000 worth of software/hardware crippled by a free movie player...

After surfing the internet, I found the following solution which fixed the problem:

* Install iTunes 6 bundled w/ QT 7.1
* Watch it fail w/ the -3 install code
* Try the unistall, it'll fail
* Remove the QuickTime folder
* Delete the "QuickTime.qts and QuicktimeVR.qtx" from \system32
* For good measure, delete all QuickTime registry entries
* Use the QT 7.04 standalone installer, it'll work now
* Use iTunes and sigh deeply that this didn't work two hours ago.

QT 7.04 can ve found at Apple Quicktime 7.04

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