Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bundle VS.NET With Vista

Visual Studio .NET Express should be a part of Windows Vista. Its offered for free as download from MSDN anyway, why not include it with OS?

All major OS except for Windows come with a programming tool. Mac OSX with AppleScript, Unix/Linux with gcc/perl/shell scripting.

The other reason for including it is to fuel the next generation of programmers. When I bought my first PC back in the Windows 3.1 days, it came with QBasic in DOS. I had a lot of fun times programming with it. It was amazing what a few lines of code could accomplish. Today, a novice user almost never sees a line of code and are becoming more and more of a passive user than active one.

To stop losing the next potential developer, bundle Visual Studio .NET with Vista.

1 comment:

pipsqueak said...

if they bundled it like they did IE, they might get sued again. hahaha!