Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tomcat5 VS Jetty6

Since I've installed CruiseControl, I've been viewing my Continuous Integration report from CruiseControl using the bundled Jetty6 server.

Today, I replaced Jetty6 with Tomcat 5.5.12 and its fast as hell. What The!?!?! I expected it to be slower. Jetty6 is supposed to be a fast, light-weight servelet container, or so the author claims. If Tomcat runs the same thing Jetty6 ran faster, how can it be fast and light-weight???

Good thing of testing open-source on a PIII-600MHz with 64MB RAM is everything is so not blindingly fast that I get the feel of the application's performance just by listening to the server churn underneath my bed.

Lesson Learned: Never take the word of some low-life open source developer at face value again without independently verifying it.

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