Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Technology Movement

I read somewhere(?) that the Technology Movement always follow the Sun (from East to West).

China -> Egypt -> Italy -> England -> US. The Technology Movement always follow the Sun (East to West). There are more countries in between but I think I made my point. The question now is, not 'if' but 'when' will the Technology Movement jump the Pacific Ocean to Asia? Are we on the verge of the jump because the time span of each Technology Movement is getting shorter and its already been in the US for 200 years.

Is the economic boom in China the prelude to the Technology Movement of Asia? How are countries like Australia, India or my home country Bangladesh going to fare? With the shorter time span trend, I think the Technology Movement will be in Asia for less then 100 years. So if we want to ride it, we need to get ready and get ready right NOW.

Followup: How does the dark age affect the Technology Movement? That is another post.

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