Thursday, September 07, 2006

HP Goes On Dunn Hunt

Long story short:
1) One of HP's board of directors was leaking info to CNET.
2) HP's chairwoman, Dunn, authorized independent electronic-security experts to spy on the January 2006 communications of the other 10 directors.
3) These security experts used "pretexting" in order to coerce phone companies to send phone records to their own email addresses so they could determine who dunn it.
4) The slime was found, confronted, and admitted his leaking. He's decided to remain on the board until shareholders vote him off.
5) In protest of her tactics, another director, Perkins, resigned calling Dunn's tactics illegal, unethical and a misplaced corporate priority.
6) Dunn, and HP, filed paperwork with the SEC citing Perkins' resignation, but failed to identify the reason why he resigned in order to hide Dunn's investigation... a point which seems to be legally required by SEC regulations.
7) Shit ---> Fan

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