Saturday, August 19, 2006


Continuing from my previous post about open-source licenses, it seems the bad guys of the bunch is GPL/GNU. Why? Because if your software uses even one line of GPL/GNU licensed code, you've to re-release your source code under a GPL/GNU license or your can't use your own software at all. How's them apples?

And here I was a great fan of GNU\Debian Linux. In fact, I was right in the middle of tweaking the file system to make read operations faster than write operations (at the expense of the write operation). Now I need to look into another platform. Good thing I found out about it before I made too much headway.

BSD or MIT licenses seem to be the ideal choice. But there's not a whole lot of software released under those. The next best choice, Apache, has quite a few, but they are mostly written in Java. I'm actually quite good at Java, but it doesn't serve my purpose in the long run due to resource and performance requirements. I need good C/C++ software upon which I can build my own software.

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