Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dell Store in Brisbane

Dell opened two new stores in Brisbane. That's right. No more ordering on their website and waiting ages for the courier to deliver.

That's right. Courier to deliver. I had experience of ordering to PC from Dell in Brisbane and tracked the package on their website. They always ship within one day of ordering. (which is the normal speed of Dell). The package both times arrived in Brisbane and was sitting in the courier depo for 1 week before being deliverede on the exact date of the delivery date that was given when the order was placed.

I can't believe the courier would just wait till the last moment just because they can. This is exactly the opposite of US. I ordered a laptop in US at 7PM Thursday night. It was built, shipped and delivered to me within one business day at 12:30PM Monday afternoon.

Anyway, Dell store's located at:

1. Westfield Chermside:
Cnr. Gympie & Hamilton Rd Chermside, QLD 4032
Site location: The Dell Direct Store is located
on Level 1, opposite Games Workshop

2. Westfield Carindale:
Cnr. Creek & Old Cleveland Rd Carindale, QLD 4152
Site location: The Dell Direct Store is located
on Ground Floor, opposite Noni B

They should open one in Gargen City Westfield too!

UPDATE: This is a scam. Its not a real Dell store. Just a booth with a computer and a salesman who will walk you through ordering online.


pipsqueak said...

south side yer biatch

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post im going to the chermside one

Anonymous said...

tyipical southsider comment!dhead!