Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thesis Grinding

Spent the last two weeks reading and ranking all the thesis topics put out by the ITEE department. Must've been over 200 of them.

Finally got 7 topics that interest me. Now it's time to make the rounds with the thesis supervisors and hopefully one of them will take the bait. The deadline's this weekend.

1) PST #8 - Industry Project: Corporate-Wide Software Quality Measurement Programme
2) PSA #5 - Head-Mounted Display: Information Design
3) WLG #5 - Datalogging And Web Display Of PV Array Data
4) MKS #8 - Implement A Personal PBX Using Asterisk@Home
5) PST #5 - Industry Project: Model-Driven Approaches (MDA) To SE
6) PST #7 - Data I/O In High-Performance Computing using netCDF
7) WLG #2 - Wind Turbine Software Update

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