Saturday, November 05, 2005

Correlation Between Product And Market Share

What a potential demograph looks for in a product:

1. Demand (Need or artificial)
2. Commodity (Cost and availibilty)
3. Cash cow vs Star Product
4. Empowerment (Self Publishing)
5. Eco-System (Hardware, software, content, accessory, api, support)
6. Simplicity (Simplicity changes the world)
7. Convenience (Convenience is a force multiplier)
8. Barrier (Barrier to entry/mindset/use)
9. Branding
10. Trust
11. Trend (Popularity)
12. Publicity (Whether their role model uses it)
13. On-Demand (Don't let customer worry about licensing or capacity planning)
14. Content Producer (Let customer be content producer than consumer)
15. Provide as service (SLA) instead of Support

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