Sunday, November 21, 2004


Today morning my sister woke me up saying she is going to the mall with my parents to buy an XBox. It took a couple of minutes for my mind to work it out.

XBox... XBOX... did I miss something.... when did she convince my parents to buy her an XBox... How long have I been sleeping... what year is this?

Anyway, got up quicky and took a quick shower. Damn, I hadn't done much research on XBox. I am gonna walk in there blind. The sales staff is gonna have a field day.

Anyway, once in the store, there was no sales stuff in sight. We were standing there for half hour reading through the bouchure and looking at everything, and not a single sales staff came to ask us if we needed help. Thats Kmart for you.

Anyway, Ended up buying The Ultimate XBox Collection which comes with the console, one pad, Halo, Tennis game, game sampler, Halo2 CD case, 5 $20 game cash back voucher, and 2 month XBox Live trial. I also ended up buying Halo 2 and XBox DVD Kit to watch DVD movies.

Then we went and had KFC. My paycheck got deposited today so I was feeling reach.

Came back home and started playing Halo. Finished 2 levels by 1:30AM. Gonna continue tomorrow... damn... just when I was planning to work on my project :(

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